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A radiologist technician; also known as a medical radiation technologist, is a person who works with x-ray machines and takes internal pictures of soft tissues and bones.

Once a technician takes x-ray pictures, they develop the images and then prepare them for a physician.

The physician then revises them so that they can diagnose and treat patients who are ill.

Even though a radiologist’s main responsibility is to take x-ray pictures, he or she is also responsible for other important duties such as interacting responsibly with patients, explaining procedures to patients, positioning them carefully and correctly and protecting patients from harmful radiation, by using lead sheaths and correctly positioning the x-ray beam.

There are some important benefits in becoming a radiology technician but the main benefit is salary.

It is important to note that radiologists are very well-paid. The average radiologist salary is between 280,000-$600.00.

This profession has developed well over the past few years and statistics show that six years ago the average salary for this position in the US was $633,000.

On the other hand, a radiology technician salary ranges from $48,023-$56,526.

Of course, salaries vary from state to state, as well as other factors such as experience and education.

Besides the great salaries of a radiologist and a radiology technician, another benefit is the range of options available with radiology.

By being able to take x-rays and mammography in order to create pictures of a person’s internal organs for treating illness and viewing fetuses, the options of radiology is greatly extended.

Some may not know it but vision coverage is another benefit of a radiology career.

Those employed in this field are provided vision coverage because if a radiologist develops impaired vision, it would affect their abilities. Still another benefit is traveling out of town so that he or she can provide services to those who don’t have access to radiology.

Travel benefits often include paid lodging, meals and reimbursement of miles traveled.

It is important to remember that the main drawback of being in this field is that it uses radiation, which may cause cancer and other health concerns.

Another factor when it comes to salary for the radiologist and the radiology technician is location.

In addition, where you work is another important factor.

Keep in mind that industries that pay the most to radiologists are manufacturing, healthcare, finance and insurance. Areas where a radiologist makes the least are in the science areas, education services and technical services.

Gender is also an important factor in this career field. Statistics show that female radiologists and radiology technicians earn at least 40 percent less than their male counterparts.

However, this gap in salary may also mean that women may work fewer hours and their specialties are different from men.

Most importantly, there is a difference in salary when it comes to working in a hospital; hospitals pay less than a job in healthcare or in a medical office.

The highest salary in radiology is working in an acute care hospital; with the salary ranging between $96,000 and $345,000.

Educational programs for those wanting to be a radiologist technician can be found at vocational schools, technical schools, universities and community colleges.

In addition, education and training for this position can also be found on the Internet; however, the clinical training aspect has to be done in a lab or classroom.

Most importantly, once a person has found a position as an x-ray technician, he or she will have to periodically enroll in additional education classes in order to stay current with state and Federal regulations.

X-ray technicians often work in hospitals or in a doctor’s office. Other places where they work are private laboratories, imaging facilities and the army. Keep in mind that the higher the education and the number of certifications a person accumulates, can lead to salaries that are much better.

In addition, another very important factor in determining salary is the years a technician has been in the field and their level of experience. In most cases, an employer of a technician is more likely to hire someone who is more experienced.

It is important to note that besides the good salary, there are also great healthcare benefits, plenty of sick time and vacation time. Most importantly, radiology technicians are currently in high demand and such demand is showing no signs of decline.

These are reasons why many are checking out this career field.

It’s a fact that the need for x-ray technologists is growing and that is because our population is aging. Osteoporosis is just one health disorder that affects an older population.

Keep in mind that there are a variety of fields that a radiologist can choose from such as angiography, pediatric radiology, neuroradiology and nuclear medicine.

In most cases, a radiologist works in a hospital; where they work hard trying to identify what is making a person sick, and accomplishing this by administering a series of imaging exams.

Their work is non- invasive; however, they are often in contact with radioactive material and that is because they are working with medical imaging equipment.

To conclude, radiologists and radiology technicians received better than average salaries; however, the work is demanding and there are health risks such as cancer.

Learn the true facts on radiology technician salary┬ábefore getting started with this career path. It’s best to do as much research as possible.

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